Family Love~ North Texas Countryside session

Its been an eventful year so far . Lots of highs and low, life changes and moves.  In some of the lows I have found solice in documenting  moments that echo through time with some amazingly beautiful families.  We live in a pretty rural area of  North Texas where glowing fields highlight the memories of life and love taking place . In this beautiful session we met at gorgeous tree lined country road in decatur where the light shines like the stars through the live oak .  Hoping I did them the justice they so well deserved .. one thing is for sure there was love and the gift of sweet memory  in our time spent together 

Amber Talbert
Fall Family Sessions

Hey Friends !Its time to start thinking about your family fall sessions. Since this is my first year in Texas we are going to focus on our families in the amazing Texas country settings. I have 2 gorgeous locations that we can run, play and get those genuine moments of family love and really show off the beauty of the North Texas Life.

For those families wishing to use their own farm and land please reach out to me because I have a special offer!

Booking Info~ Sessions are held Tuesday through Sunday in the months of September, October and November .

1-2 hour sessions with 20 to 30 heartwarming images edited by me

Session fee is $395 with a $150 retainer to be paid upon booking and the remainder to be paid in full 48 hours prior to our time together.

For more info and questions reach out to me via my email You can also find me on facebook and instagram


For more info and questions reach out to me via my email You can also find me on facebook and instagram where not only do I share my client work but also some of my personal and creative heart. Looking forward to meeting you!

Back Light Fun + Image Feature




Super excited to find my image featured in the top ten for Jackie Jeans Back Light theme. Its always an honor to have your image featured amongst so many amazingly talented artist and quite frankly the group has the feeling of home to me

Amber Talbert
Documenting life+ Image feature

Documenting life is no easy task  but it tends to be the most rewarding . Even in my own sessions thoughtful planned out its the in between and organic moments that make our hearts full and our feelings come alive. I just adore these and try my hardest to incorporate and allow myself to shoot with the intention of how does this make me feel.  While our images our meant to be seen I truly believe its what you feel while viewing them that  makes them memorable.

One of my favorite images  of my home life and was truly honored to be featured on jackie jeans top ten as well as the popular blog on instagram #thesincerestoryteller

Heavenly light & Sweet 16's

We had a special birthday in our family and decided to celebrate that with a special session. Cloudy days with  perfect white light peeking through the clouds  + Wind made  for the perfect day. Paired with dreamy film edit = perfect session!

The Days for Mom and Me

The weather is heaven and the flowers are blooming, so  grab your babies , put on those pretty dresses and let your love shine! We spend so much time loving and doing our daily routines we often forget to take a step back and really cherish the moments that are fleeting before our very eyes. As mothers we are usually behind the camera and now is the time for you!

I have a week long mini session event tailored to each individual  with smaller time slots to fit your busy schedules.


Need a dress? or not sure what to wear.. I have you covered! I work closely with my clients to make sure your look is golden. I have a few dresses  and accessories if you'd like to visit my complimentary "client closet"

~Session Availability and Info~



All Sessions will be held through 04/14 - 04/22

Morning Dawn Weekday Sessions will be $175

Evening Weekday Sessions will be $250

Weekend Sessions will be $300 (excluding Easter Sunday)

All Sessions will be 30 minutes long and come with 8 digital files and your favorite image printed .


All Sessions must be paid in full 48 hours prior to your big day!






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Dapple light

In 99% of my images I try to draw to  my viewer in with some sort of dramatic lighting because lighting really is everything. Window light through the front door shot with the sigma art 35 , ISO 100  2.2 , 1/400 ss




Amber Talbert
Kicking off the New Year

Sadly my big kids are so difficult to get in the frame and nowadays its the little ones who get all the camera love. My main goal for this year is to get my big kids in the frame more, get their faces out of the cell phones and get them living. We had a great time last night and have a new found love for winter nights and 10 degree weather

Amber Talbert
Our year is coming to an end..

I am super excited for this 2017 holds for us. As some of you who follow my page may know I am making a big move out to the Dallas area. We all know that Texas has a lot to offer and of course those big beautiful skies and country terrain.

Heres a compilation of my favorite images from 2016 some personal and client . Im hoping to see your family or little one  for 2017!

My 2016 Honors



Into the wild-

Into the wild-

As this year comes to a close I wanted to share for all of you some of my images featured amongst many other artist . All were truly an honor and definitely kept my creative heart pumping<3 Be sure to check out the links.





Amber Talbert
Your greatest gift to others is to be happy and to radiate your happiness to the entire world.

 2016 has been a really great year for me.  Im happy you stopped by to check out some my work and my favorite images.  Some of the images were used in blogs and artist challenges. I have participated in quite a few and I really think this is what has driven me to evolve to the person and artist I am today.    This shoot was from my first time at the Albion Basin, Utah. It was nothing short of magical. As with all Of my clients I strive for an authentic connection.