Today the sun was shining Dallas/Fortworth Family photographer

It feels like forever since Ive taken a picture that I love and is meaningful to me. We have also been cooped up because its been so cold and while I realize there are much colder places, we have acclimated to Texas and it has been really cold . Our driveway and roads have been iced and unlike snow you can't drive on ice . Anyway it was a high of 45 yesterday and the kids and I went out for a drive to Black Creek Lake  in Decatur Texas, needless to say it was good for the soul. We lost a few shoes in the mud and Im glad I brought a change of clothes for everyone. I took a few shots for the freelensed project but mostly we just enjoyed each others company and nature. On our way home, the sun was shining. I pulled over and we got out of the car, shoeless and all. I love this image, these are the moments I live for.

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