Bubble Bath Fun - In home lifestyle Dallas Fort Worth Photographer

During the winter time we spend so much time indoors and day after day looking out the window and waiting for the sun to shine. Sometimes it does and its still a bit chilly for the usual play around the yard. We just moved into our home here in Paradise Texas and it has taken a bit of getting used to and knowing where the beautiful light is going to put on its best show. Prompted by the need for amusement I brought out this little gem, the bubble machine and we put its magic to work. The natural light was just flowing beautifully through the bathroom window,  highlighting every bubble and water drop.  Bubbles are practically the epitomes of childhood  and I knew it needed to be a part of this day This was the best session and we enjoyed every moment. Ive since taken about 500 images in this room , and overtime its a hooting good time. Yes there was huge clean up( don't tell my husband) but also so much laughter and joy , so totally worth it.

 Are you looking for an in home session? Id love to talk with you about creating your very own session full of laughter and memories.

Amber Talbert